Any opportunity to share and connect, Zwee is up for it! Just give him a shout. Zwee is a frequent speaker at forums and universities, and panel judge for creative and innovative workshops/events!


No man is an island. Zwee loves to partner with other innovation experts to create collaborative solutions for businesses. Engage his SWAT Team and gain access to Savant Degrees’s key resources, advisors and partner network as well.

Digital Solutions

Looking for a full-service digital solution? Zwee and his team have been applying The Savant Method of design thinking to create impactful digital solutions for partners across the globe. Have the next big idea? His enthusiastic team of designers, UX experts, developers and technical architects are here to turn them into reality!

Design Thinking

Zwee has held Design Thinking Workshops for local business as well as multinational corporations, and continues to focus on inspiring and enabling the spirit of digital innovation via design thinking at the workplace and ultimately to bring about high-impact digital transformation.


Zwee is passionate about sharing his innovative expertise! Over the years, he has advised and lead numerous business leaders and executives through digital transformation across industries ranging from banking, telecommunication, logistics, F&B, retail, to hospitality.